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By James Baldwin. Description Classics for Your Collection: goo. A wonderful collection of of English folk tales about kings, knights, Robin Hood, Spartans, etc.. The stories are short but packed with information.

Fifty Famous Stories Retold

Quick, enjoyable read mixing real history, myth and legend, and wisdom to be gleaned from both. A nice collection of 50 tales which have actually been related to many for generations Definitely could help and entertain young child. The people of Greece were not united like the Romans; but instead there were several states, each of which had its own rulers.

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Some of the people in the southern part of the country were called Spartans, and they were noted for their simple habits and their bravery. The name of their land was Laco nia, and so they were sometimes called Lacons.

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One of the strange rules which the Spartans had, was that they should speak briefly, and never use more words than were needed. There was in the northern part of Greece a land called Mac edon; and this land was at one time ruled over by a warlike king named Philip.

Philip of Macedon wanted to become the master of all Greece. So he raised a great army, and made war upon the other states, until nearly all of them were forced to call him their king. Then he sent a letter to the Spartans in Laconia, and said, "If I go down into your country, I will level your great city to the ground.

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When he opened the letter, he found only one word written there. That word was "IF. About the Author James Baldwin was born in Indiana, United States and made a career as an educator and administrator in that state starting at the age of