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A representative for the label declined to comment. By that summer, Mr. Hernandez was on a relatively conventional career path. He had retained an experienced manager and the same entertainment lawyer as XXXTentacion. He had signed with Mr. Had Mr. Hernandez stayed on that track, he may have avoided the precipice on which his career — and life — now balances. Instead, Mr.

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Hernandez returned to Brooklyn after his tour with a pile of cash and struck up a partnership with a local member of the Bloods. Asked how he met Mr. Hernandez and became his unofficial manager, Kifano Jordan, better known as Shotti or Shottie , could only chuckle.

We had a mutual friend, one of my little homies brought him around. Jordan, 36, said of Mr. Hernandez in an August podcast. I was just, um … I was around. As Mr. Hernandez was building his online persona in , Mr. Jordan was skirting an outstanding warrant in New Jersey for narcotics trafficking. When approached by 6ix9ine, Mr. Jordan said he found the young rapper intriguing because he was so comfortable being himself. For whatever genuine camaraderie existed between the two, the arrangement was a mutually beneficial business venture at heart.

Jordan and his friends could offer; for Mr. Jordan, 6ix9ine represented a rainbow-headed cash cow. The partnership marked a new artistic and personal chapter for 6ix9ine. Once lauded for his edgy, almost gothic videos and musicality, he inched toward more traditional street rap and frequently insulted rival rappers online.

The pair became almost inseparable. In shrieking vocals, Mr. Hernandez developed a new calling card, wailing Mr. At the same time, 6ix9ine was becoming the most controversial — and in-demand — character in rap, with blogs breathlessly following his every move and more established artists jumping on board. But in a streaming-based music economy, controversies meant listeners.

As his earning potential grew, tension simmered between Mr. The problem for Mr. Hernandez was that his Brooklyn associates were not simply business partners to be placated.

Jordan and his clique, according to prosecutors, had long rap sheets and were prone to violence. He later referred to his escape as divine intervention.

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This month, a former Treyway associate who was believed to be disgruntled was charged with the crime. Prosecutors say those words were not an act. In April, they alleged, Mr. Hernandez was with Mr. Prosecutors also said Mr. Hernandez was involved in two shootings in Brooklyn later in the summer. The tension reached a crescendo this fall, after Mr. While ruling that Mr. He planned to meet Mr.

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Grainge, the head of his label, for lunch at Philippe in Manhattan to celebrate. When Shotti and others arrived at the restaurant, too, they were rebuffed by Mr.

Hernandez to keep his distance. Shotti later turned himself in to the police and was charged with assault in the incident. After that, the relationship between 6ix9ine and his street mentor deteriorated quickly. Grainge and attributed the split mostly to money: He had booked a national tour, but did not feel he was getting his rightful share.

The Cuban Gangster Who Mysteriously Refused to Die

He also invoked the July robbery. Offline, 6ix9ine was meeting with F. They offered him round-the-clock protection against Shotti and his associates, but 6ix9ine declined. By Monday, they were all in federal custody. This week, prosecutors said they had obtained a warrant for the same Instagram account that brought Mr.

Hear it best in: Mos Def - Mathematics. Boom bap. The sound it describes was at the heart of hip-hop — from the earliest breakbeats through the sampling innovations of Marley Marl to the original golden era of New York rap music when the likes of DJ Premier , Large Professor and Pete Rock were making heads snap with classic boom bap. Cloud rap. A term originally coined in following the more airy-sounding tracks of self-proclaimed 'Based God' Lil B , cloud rap quickly became the pigeonhole of choice for anyone looking to describe a whole wave of artists who tended to favour abstract atmospheric soundscapes for heavily medicated bedroom introspection over the more traditional hip-hop priority of butt-shaking percussion.


Hear it best in : Main Attraktionz — Chuch. Conscious hip-hop.

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Hear it best in: Blackstar — Definition. The difference is mainly about emphasis and attitude. Where trap concerns itself with the scuzzy end of the narcotics industry, drill focuses on the often related but distinct topic of gun violence and gang warfare. Lil Reese. Emo rap. Then the vulnerable seductions of Drake and sad hedonism of Future normalised a melancholic spirit in rap further.

Hear it best in: Lil Peep — Awful Things ft. Lil Tracy. Frat rap. Frat rap is carefree and frequently thought-free rap music celebrating the party lifestyle associated with USA college fraternities.

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Perhaps the most telling thing about it is the way its pioneers distanced themselves from it at the earliest possible opportunity.