Guide Hunting Big Whitetails: Tactics Guaranteed to Make You a More Successful Deer Hunter

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For most deer hunters merely harvesting a deer with antlers is a rush. However, for those who call bow hunting a hobby and obsession, a true rush only arises from the harvest of a mature buck. The feeling of harvesting one of these giant whitetails is what ultimately leads to the overbearing excitement of the early season. Luckily, when the season finally arrives these mature bucks are often at their most vulnerable. However, their early season patterns and the ability to predict where they will be only last for a few short weeks.

This is why bow hunters need to pay special attention to the first weeks of bow season. In particular, the 6 topics below can make or break your attempt of bow hunting a mature buck! Carefully read and consider what is written below, it might open your eyes to a mistake you have made in the past, or are about to make again this season!

Hunting Big Whitetails: Tactics Guaranteed To Make You A More Successful Deer Hunter!

If possible, building history with a particular buck while he is young is often the best option to harvesting him once he reaches maturity. By keeping meticulous notes on one particular buck, you can begin to start the process of mapping out his movements, tendencies, his behavior, and more generally his life. Of course, trail cameras are the key tool bow hunters use to building these long term relationships.

Once this relationship is established, it becomes very easy to spot mistakes. These slip-ups often come in the form of food, a cold front, old age, or more commonly a doe in heat!

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Once the mistake is caught on camera or observed from the stand, the cue for action has been given. Move stands, start the stalk, or hide a ground blind where he will show up next and capitalize on this mistake.

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So what is your first move? It should entail sitting down and mapping any and all known locations of your hit-list buck. This type of detail is what separates success from failure during bow season. Photo: A big buck works a mock scrape in October like clockwork. This particular buck was recorded hitting the mock scrape 2 times within 48 hours with both events happening in shooting light.

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If patterns hold true, the next day or even next year might result in the same pattern. This is ultimately a mistake that can be exploited.

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These kill plots should be loaded with what big bucks desire…protein and carbs! Through different seed blends, species, or even different food plots, these areas can be adjusted for attraction during certain times of the season. Providing early, mid, and late season attraction essentially gives a buck a reason to never leave your property. The bow hunters that can provide security and food over neighboring properties will draw bucks in over property lines. This kind of attraction is critical, especially when dealing with a buck you have a history with. Research throughout the country confirms time and time again that mature bucks move close to the cover of darkness.

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Security cover is a habitat that deer will feel safe to move through on their way between bedding and feeding areas travel corridors or that they can use in inclement weather or to hide from predators. Typical security cover might include a dense young conifer plantation, thick alder swamp, or blowdown area. Many recreational properties have large expanses of open, mature woodlands. These are nice to look at, can be beautiful, and may seem like a great place to bow hunt because of all the natural shooting lanes.

However, deer also know that these open areas mean potential trouble from predators. So if you have these open areas, consider taking steps to fix it.

There are a couple ways to increase the bedding and security cover on your property. One of the best ways occurs over the winter months, and is called timber stand improvement, or TSI.

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Using this method in the off-season is a nice distraction during the long winter months. However, you can still have success with it during the summer. To start, locate a few areas that are situated on top of a rise with a view, or level areas with relatively open views that point away from the prevailing winds. Hinge-cut a tree by cutting halfway through it and letting it topple.

If You Can Master This Technique, You Can Hunt Deer Anywhere - Land of Whitetail, Full Episode

The tree will continue to grow for a few years from the downed tops, creating thick growth. Deer, and bucks in particular, will often bed right at the base of these trees looking out into the open areas. That way they can smell predators from behind them and see anything in front. One of the best things you can do to enhance the attraction power of cover on your property is to simply leave it alone. Instead, a great strategy is to learn to maximize each portion of the day to help you find consistent success. Rarely does a single treestand hold the same level of value, for an entire day.

A great morning bedding area stand that is a solid "10" for the first few hours of the day, often turns into a value of 1 or 2, the last few hours of the day. The same can be said for a great evening treestand that relates to a nearby food source. The key to applying a highly effective buck hunting strategy is the basis of a whitetail's daily movement to their afternoon food source. Once a firm foundation of daily feeding and bedding is established, you can then take advantage of each phase of the day, at a very high level of precision. The afternoon food source provides several ingredients that are critical to your success.

Once the line-up of food, doe bedding and buck bedding has been created or scouted and discovered, it's time to sit in high value treestand setups! Whether the stand is directly over a mature buck's bedding area isn't as critical as you may think! I have experienced that a mature buck is likely to move within several acres of his remote, daytime hidey-hole, even if the season is still young.