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Context and character become conflated.

There are other instances of inappropriate tests of character in well-known texts. If Abraham obeys, which he does, God has reason to despise him. In fact, God stops talking to him. He sends a messenger instead. Had Abraham disobeyed, that would presumably have been the end of Genesis. In Job, he allows Lucifer to tempt Job to the breaking point. Neither one of them gained happiness. God, in other words, could have benefited more from the counsel of a Lothario than from the insinuations of Lucifer.

You may want to think twice about testing the character of those you care about, be they your mates, your children, or people who seem to be driving properly on the road.

Life will probably produce temptations anyway. If these temptations are resisted, that is great; if they do not appear in the first place, so much the better. Joachim Krueger, Ph.

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Reclaiming Human Dignity. Let us my absent Henry seek; And when he meets my conscious eyes, In every glance my heart will speak, And plainly tell for whom it sighs. She married the Cornish painter John Opie in Amelia's father was a friend and admirer of William Godwin and his wife Mary Wollstonecraft, and Adeline Mowbray is based around Mary Wollstonecraft's life.

In her husband died, and she came back to Norwich to live. Previously she had been a member of the Octagon Chapel.

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In she became a Quaker, and from that time devoted herself to spiritual writing, although she continued to move in literary circles. Her last work was a volume of poetry, Lays for the Dead, published in Bio from "Norfolk Women". Share it with your friends:. Make comments, explore modern poetry.