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It goes down This book was long and good, full of drama, new relationships, crazy people and everything else. And this is only book 2. The ladies are really bringing it, I'm glad to hear from Amari. Glad her situation is on the up and up. Olivia was annoying but oh what a tumble web we weave. She got knocked all the way down. Poor Andrew, he kept me laughing, but love has a funny way of showing up out of nowhere. The story gets real, when the past is brought into the present. Now it makes more si It goes down This book was long and good, full of drama, new relationships, crazy people and everything else.

Now it makes more since why he's like he is. Tyree Tyree, smh. I knew Trell was trill but he got hands, official hands. The story is deep and funny, but there is so much more to know. I like how she introduces new characters into the series. I can see there is about to a lot to deal with in part 3.

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KARMA truly is a bitch As the bones And the secrets are hitting them in the face Young Carter is working his way back and I love it Willow has seen my heart she remind me of myself.. My favorite is Olivia growing up and in love with the perfect person for her Andrew Nov 29, Michelle rated it liked it.

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I was a little up and down with book 2 Still too much harsh language but I have come to realize these "hood books" my term for this genre type do not work without it. These girls are seriously ill and in need of prayer and therapy. Sleeping with your man's brother multiple times I might as well add. Jordyn got the butt though. The men are so emotionally damaged it seems they are beyond any type of repair.

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Book three next. Apr 16, Twigi rated it it was amazing. Happy reading. Dec 31, Jessica Douglass rated it it was amazing. Great read This series, along with the carter boys is full of family drama.. Each character sounds like a member of my family or someone I personally know. Sep 13, reneeNaDaBomb rated it liked it Shelves: crime-suspense , gp , interracial-romance , mental-health.


Jul 21, Kathy Roy rated it did not like it. Repeat of previous books I gave this book 1 star because it's a repeat of Hoodlums and Hooligans and Carter Boys. Exact same only difference is the name. What A Read This book gives you more information in the women that are in the Carter's life. It also gives us more secrets about them.

As with the Carter Boys they don't play and neither do the women in their lives. Now more secrets are coming out.

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A great read. Now to book three. Nov 13, Keisha Garner rated it it was amazing.

Olivia is not the only girl after all. OMG this us getting good, Yes it is. I love Shiloh he is my favorite Cartee.

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Noelle hoe ass got whar sge deserved. Anthony is dead wrong fir what he did to Shiloh. Joy needs ro take a back sit. I love this serie. Dec 12, Shana Carter rated it it was amazing. Awww shit this about to get even more interesting. So Olivia not the only girl anymore. Noelle put herself in a messed up situation but Trent told her what Shiloh was capable of. May 11, Leanna rated it it was amazing Shelves: ebooks , read-but-dont-have , favorites. Everything really took me Everything really took me by surprise.. Nov 05, Sharon Bell rated it it was amazing.

Aug 25, Ulyssesa Thomas rated it it was amazing. Great Read This is getting more and more intense with each page. I can't wait to see what happens in book 3. Cartier Girls 1 Omg I cannot put this down. Jul 31, Kena Guss rated it it was amazing. Great read! I'm ready for the next This book totally delivered and has me wanting more.

The Carter girls are bringing just like the Carter Boys! Aug 28, Linda Strickland rated it it was amazing.

Love the way book started off, from beginning to end!! Jul 04, caryn savage rated it it was amazing. Loveee this seriesss I loved the family feud , that last blowup was so vivid and emotional Jun 06, Peggy Barnett rated it really liked it. Not quite what I expected! This book has me torn between 3 and 4 stars. The beginning and middle sections were quite slow. Very good ending. Jul 19, Dorothelia Nabors rated it it was amazing.

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Loving it Im so enjoying reading about the Carter's It just keeps getting better and better.. Ok back to the Carter's. Feb 23, Shenequa Singleton rated it it was amazing. Wow I can't believe everything is finally out! I was so pissed that Noelle sat up and ran her mouth to Tyree and in front of Tiffany at that! Can't believe Tyree would be discussing his dude's business with his cousins like that either! I'm happy that Olivia and Andrew are getting comfy together. Joy is a little irritating. Feb 23, Tamara rated it it was amazing.

Feb 16, Grv Gotti rated it it was amazing. Feb 14, Punkin rated it did not like it. Dec 21, Nakia Williams rated it it was amazing. This book here!!! Is the only word I have right now!! Dysfunctional is a good name for the girls! I thought the boys were bad!! Must read book!! Feb 10, Lesyle rated it really liked it.